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GMF Featured P/E/V


The #WearMotivation Global  Trust.Love.Give Campaign and Events Series ™, launched by our sister company TheMPACK Group and operated by GMF and TheMotivators™ internationally, represents a call to action for Dreamers, Innovators, and Change Makers, to "Start-up..." begin building your Business, Brand, Dream, or Cause today! We are also celebrating those trendsetters and tastemakers who are already on the path of going from Dream to Doing and those supporters who helped get them there! Our Wristbands raise Awareness and Funding for Inspiring and Innovative Businesses, Brands, & Organizations around the globe. Therefore its simple... "We are Unifying the Entrepreneur Movement" Worldwide, and our collective goal is to Create.Positive.Change... one #WearMotivation Wristband at a time!

Life Only Makes Cents When You Make Change