Our International Charity is the embodiment of our slogan, Trust.Love.Give. 
Inspired by giving people the possibility to Donate, Participate and/or Collaborate at
any and all levels, truly exemplifying our grassroots passion to produce influential change.


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What does a Donor mean at GMF

TheDonor = TheMotivator™

The GMF International Charity simply serves in the role of a bridge-builder. Through Cause Connect ™ the organization works to connect the individual or entity who seeks to be TheMotivator with causes they would like to MPACK, in order to raise awareness and funding, as well as giving the opportunity to present causes for collaboration.  TheMotivator has the opportunity to become active in this process through the GMF-IC platform, thus joining our "TheMotivators" community in collaborating to Create Positive Change for recipient beneficiaries, ranging from Start-ups, Youth Programs, and inspiring People, to Non-Profits, Social Enterprises, and Benefit Corporations. In all, at GMF a donation sparks motivation and can be more than just a person or entities money... it can also be their Time, Resources, and Energy. 


Would you like to support our international charity?